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Psychoanalyse me!



Psychoanalyse me!

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Kitten Torture
I was in my room at university. I was looking for something, can't remember what, but I knew where it was - it was in the third drawer of a small chest of drawers by my bed.

So I pulled it open and reached inside - what I hadn't noticed or didn't care about was that the drawer was inexplicably filled with water. It wasn't leaking before so there were no outward signs this was there. Also the water was filthy. black.

So, my hand is in this water and I can't remember if I found this at all disturbing. - so anywayway I take my hand out of the water and I can't remember if I retrieved the thing I went in there to get or not my attention was diverted by the large pale pink leeches that was all over my hand - a few little ones I shook loose (they just dissapeared - narrative causaulity doesn't feature a lot in this dream), a few I had to pull off and they came away like velcro but they stretched and then sort of concertinered back together again like a wet noodle.

Then there was the big ol' boy. If it's important: This was my right hand and it lay - well you know how the thumb, if you hold you palm out flat, fingers together but extend the tumb out so it is lying parallel to the rest of your hand - like a big fat "L" with a tiny spoke - this leech was lying diagnonally in front of the join the joint - only and this is important - it was on the BACK of my hand (and thus a lot harder to describe) sort of on the fleshy wedge between thumb and forefingers.

So I pull it away with a bit of effort, same as before. and tipped the remaining murky water down the narrativly conveinient sink in my room, which I don't have.

I was then I noticed this last leech because it had been there the longest or was the largest or whatever - had left a vivid scar - I stretch my hand out to look at it - and defying physiology - the scar opened up, peeled apart and I could see through the open wound in my hand to the floor, or ceiling whatever. Conceptually it hurt but I wasn't in pain - It was like watching somone poull apart two salmon stakes - it was bloody just fleshy - it was more of "That shouldn't happen" puzzlement.

There was some more after that - 'bout travelling round a frozen city (cross between London and somethig oriental - or at least I seem to recall it was kind of like a 'china-town' in a major metropolitan area) with my injured hand trying to get to a doctors. None would see me. oh and my dad showed up at one point and I showed the scar to him and he was dissapointed, but I can't focus on what with - either I'd let the leeechs get in my drawer or that I had't been able to find help or something else.

However by this point I think the original dream had passed and my brain was probably trying to rationaise the weirdness by taking it into different situations.

So, am I crazy?
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